This collection from Billy Wolf features collars and leashes made from vintage indigo mud cloths. Traditional mud cloths are dyed with green leaves from the indigo plant then hand-woven on looms. Each fabric has unique symbols which hold a secret meanings, thus no two items are identical – making them one-of-a-kind pieces.

Pair with matching leash to complete the look.

– Vintage indigo ikat mud cloth sleeve
– West-tan buffalo leather collar strap embossed with Billy Wolf logo
– Brass buckle and o-ring
– Hand-stamped copper rivets
– Hand-crafted in New York
– Brand: Billy Wolf
Care Instructions
– Wash sleeve with cold water and detergent
– Do not bleach

Size Chart

Neck Circumference12” – 14”15” – 18”19” – 22”
Collar Specs0.5” width0.75” width1” width